WDFW Moves Forward With Logbooks

I attended the WDFW Commission meeting in Olympia on Friday.

The commission voted unanimously for logbooks for guides. The department provided 3 options for the commission to choose from. The commission decided on Option B for logbooks. It was clear to me the commission was going to go ahead with Guide Logbooks regardless, so I am very thankful we have been able to have some influence on this issue.

Option A was basically the whole thing WDFW originally came out with at the meetings. Option B and Option C were way toned down from Option A, but basically the same, with only one difference. That is, option B would require a guide to report on non-guided trips (fishing with friends or family).

I provided a statement in the morning during public comment because the item did not provide for a public input. I was asking the commission to choose option C. After I spoke, I was asked several questions by different commissioners.

After I spoke I met with Craig Burley and Chris Donley with the department. They made it clear to me they were going to propose Option B, but clarified the difference between option B and C.

Guides will be required to complete a log (kind of), once the guide checks the box stating it is not a paid guided trip, they do not have to complete any other information, as they would if the trip was a paid or comped guided trip. So once I open my app and choose non guided trip. I hit submit and I am done. That is it.

WDFW Enforcement really pushed for Option B, stating it is easier for enforcement officers in the field to ensure compliance if the guides checks the box for whether they are guiding or not. .
The logbooks will go into affect January 2020.

After the commission decided on the logbook issue, I received a phone call from Kelly Cunningham. He stated we should see an email from the department later this week, asking for names to be submitted for a Guide Advisory Committee for WDFW. I know they want members of this committee to be from all over the state. So if you are interested, start preparing your letter of interest.

The executive board will meet tonight and I will meeting minutes out to you in a day or so.



Capt. Doug Saint-Denis

President WA- Chapter NWGAA