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We have to protect our industry and our fishing opportunities in Oregon & Washington.

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Recreational Anglers Join Now!

Recreational anglers are super important to the Pacific Northwest fishery opportunities. There was a time when sport anglers came from all over the world to fish in the Pacific Northwest for 80+ lb salmon.

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Representing Guides, Charters, and Anglers In Oregon & Washington

Washington and Oregon are the heart of Pacific Northwest fishing. We must be organized to ensure we continue to have fishing opportunities now and for the future.

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Welcome, the Northwest Guide’s and Anglers Association (NWGAA) is seeking members to fulfill its’ mission and vision. Professional Sport Fishing Guides, Charter Captains and Recreational Anglers participation is critical for the success of NWGAA. If all you do is buy membership, we welcome you. You have helped more than…

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Professional Guide Membership

Professional Guide Membership is available in one of two options.  Now is the time to join and be a…

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Angler Membership

Angler Membership is available to all sport fishing anglers in Washington and Oregon who fish on their own, or…

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Business Affiliate Member

A Business, which depends on and are affected by the sport fishing industry need to have a voice in…

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