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Clackamas, OR 97015

Contact: Bob Rees (503) 812-9036 or brees@pacifier.com or Chris Vertopoulos (503) 349-1377 chrisv@pacifier.com



            The Northwest Guide’s Association (NWGA) is seeking members to fulfill its mission. NWGA’s mission is to protect, enhance, and promote healthy sportfisheries and the ecosystems they depend on in the Pacific Northwest. In just the last 13 years, sport anglers have witnessed the closure of 5 of the last 6 remaining wild fish fisheries on the North Oregon Coast. Limited sturgeon quotas, limited salmon allocations and additional regulations have continued to erode away opportunity for us in the Northwest- particularly on the Columbia River.


            The Northwest Guide’s Association was formed to address issues in the Northwest, including the Columbia River that limit the capability of fully prosecuted sportfisheries. Although our fish and fisheries are the victim of a thousand cuts, we are slowly gaining ground as a recognizable industry in the Northwest. NWGA seeks to advance this recognition through work in these areas:


  1. Unfair fishery allocations- Fisheries must be allowed to perform that best meets the needs of our region’s economies. While sport and commercial fisheries must co-exist together, it is important that the proper attention is given to the user group that gives the greatest return on our investment. We will work towards solutions that will allow all user groups fair and tangible allocations to meet the needs of their industry.


  1. Unfair and unnecessary regulation- While recognizing the necessity for restrictions that promote conservation, it is important that we aren’t regulated out of our workplace. We support conservation measures that are backed by credible science with fair public and professional input. Unnecessary regulation cripples interest in our sport and jeopardizes our industry.


  1. Environmental factors that limit the production of wild fish- The operation of other industry often affects water quality that limit fish production in our streams and rivers. Excessive water temperatures, improper flow and spill for outmigration and barriers to fish are just some of the problems that wild fish face. Our policy of no net loss of fish habitat applies to any industry that affects our industry and we will adamantly oppose actions that limit wild fish production.


  1. Environmental impacts that jeopardize our industry- Toxic contamination is becoming a factor that is affecting our fisheries. Combined Sewer Overflows (CSO’s) on the Willamette River, nuclear waste leakage from the Hanford site on the Columbia River, dioxin discharges from paper mills and mercury contaminations are just a few of the environmental factors that are beginning to jeopardize our industry. We will work to find solutions to these potential environmental disasters that currently affect our salmonid and sturgeon fisheries to ensure a safe product for sportanglers to consume.


  1. The Pacific Northwest is still a relatively untapped resource as a sportfishing destination. With the sportfishing options available to us and the possibility of working collaboratively as a group, we can make the Northwest a destination location for sportanglers worldwide. With catch and release fisheries a recent trend, the Northwest has some very under-marketed opportunities available for tapping.


  1. Continue to enhance the relationship between industry professionals and the general fishing public. It is important that we are viewed as good stewards of the resource and cordial participants in the sport. We will always have to work towards a positive relationship with our fellow anglers and engage them in our quest for better opportunities for all of us. We can do this through contributions of finances or volunteer labor in many different ways.




The Northwest Guide’s Association needs your participation to meet its goals and objectives. Here are just a few items on the radar for the 2005 fishing season:


Ř      Washington State will likely propose a rule for the 2005 Buoy 10 season requiring barbless hooks in this fishery. This is despite a detailed study by the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife indicating that barbed hooks kill no more fish than barbless hooks in our selected fisheries. This is a real threat!


Ř      The Astoria/Warrenton county and city officials have entered into a lease agreement with a private company that will create a natural gas plant in Warrenton. If potential biological disaster isn’t enough threat, new Homeland Security regulation stipulates that no vessels shall operate within a large radius of the operation. Do you want to be restricted to fishing just half of the river during the peak Buoy 10 season?


Ř      Unfair allocations were once again realized between sport and commercial fishermen in the 2004 spring chinook fishery. Targeted allocations were as close as could be expected but with last years over predictions, we could be facing further restrictions that are not justified! Also, the fishery departments of Oregon and Washington are proposing a raise in the incidental steelhead quota for gillnetters. They are allowed to harvest more steelhead and sportanglers aren’t allowed to harvest any? We won this battle for you at the Commission meeting in February although this fight is not over. We need your help so we can keep fighting for our fish!


Ř      Promotion of the Columbia River catch and release sturgeon fishery. We are already working with the Chamber of Commerce on developing this untapped resource which will mean more business for YOU!


Allow the Northwest Guide’s Association to represent you in our state and federal forums so that our voices are united and heard! Help us get this organization off the ground by joining The Northwest Guide’s Association. You can help secure your experiences on our NW waters by ensuring healthy and viable fisheries for our future.


Your participation is critical for making this organization work. General members will likely make up the bulk of our membership so we look forward to working with such a group of folks that can help get our mission accomplished!




đ        Fishing guides usually choose to be a business member of the Northwest Guide’s Association and receive all of the benefits listed………………………………………………………………………………..……...please pay $150.00.


đ        I am a restaurant, retail store, motel or hotel and we wish to be an affiliated member of the Northwest Guide’s Association and join in the fight for better sportfisheries. I realize that as an affiliated member, I will get listed as such in membership literature so I am recognized as a business that supports growth within the industry…………………………………………………………………….………………...…….…please pay $75.00.


đ        I wish to be a member of the Northwest Guide’s Association as I am a benefactor of healthy sportfisheries. I want representation in decisions that affect my experience in the Northwest………..please pay between $5.00 and $25.00.


Member contact: ______________________________________________________

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Member phone numbers: ______________________  _________________________

Member email: ___________________  web page: ___________________________


Please mail this application along with your dues to:      Northwest Guides Association

                                          P.O Box 3208

                                                       Clackamas, OR. 97015




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Northwest Guide's and Anglers Association

P.O. Box 3208

Clackamas, OR 97015

Contact: Bob Rees (503) 812-9036 or brees@pacifier.com

Chris Vertopoulos (503) 349-1377 chrisv@pacifier.com

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